I Care

Sharing the wisdom of Parisha Taylor and many others, I am a daughter of Mother Earth.

I Welcome You.

Having grown up in a farming family I have a healthy respect for the land and caring for her. Having apprenticed with Parisha Taylor for more than 15 years I have truly deepened my respect. As the song says, “the Earth is our mother we must take care of her” I invite you to journey with me as I explore the vastness of the Earth’s flow of energies and patterns of absolute generosity. I am sure we can agree that none of us could continue our lives without the abundance of nourishment that she provides for us each day. I will also bring the many voices of those who have maintained respect for her and have been pushed aside for those who would genetically manipulate the original seeds. Try as we might to live in our own separate worlds, truth is, we are all connected. All are our relations.  We were given the gift of life, to experience, enjoy, and be in harmony with all of our neighbors. As we open ourselves to the many faces of those who respect the land, may we come to a place where all negativity is resolved. Let the Law of Respect govern our actions.

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